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Why SafeStart?

Since 2009 SafeStart has been the number 1 Safety Training Programme in the world. But we’re more than just the safety training programme that has trained over three million people in more than 3,000 companies in 60+ countries. As well as helping individuals and companies to reduce injuries, SafeStart paves the way for a culture change which increases employee engagement, quality and operational efficiency. SafeStart is the crucial first step towards a change of mindset that has the power to keep employees and their families safe at work, at home and on the road. Explore today all the concepts and techniques involved and discover the many benefits SafeStart can bring to your organisation.

Human Factors: Insights and Practical Advice

Complacency: The Silent Killer

Complacency can cause many problems, the biggest safety risk being that it leads to “mind not on task” errors. Once your mind begins to wander, the inherent risk can go up dramatically when your mind begins to wander.

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Unlocking the Code to Human Error

A journey into the world of safety and human error: Safety skills need both the scientific approach as well as the unscientific observations only experience can deliver.

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Solving Slips, Trips and Falls Once and For All

54% of slip, trip and fall incidents are caused by employee distraction. This guide outlines the major physical and human factors involved in slips, trips and falls and provides practical solutions to address this problem.

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Making Sure the Cookie doesn’t Crumble

Leading European biscuits manufacturer sees 80 percent reduction in injuries after introducing the SafeStart Programme. This case study summarises the facts and figures.


Get your safety culture in place!

As experience proves, merely speaking about hazards and risky behaviour is not enough to keep your staff safe. But you can make a difference by raising awareness of the sources of injuries – and how to prevent them before they happen.
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Hear what our clients are saying

Helle Lund

Even after the first day it was an eye-opener... the greatest benefit is that you start changing your mindset.

Helle Lund Autoglass International
Alastair Mccubbin

If you go and talk to people about safety before something happens, it’s not confrontational, and you can prevent accidents from happening and, therefore, you don't have any more of the confrontations afterwards. It's pretty straightforward stuff, but you've got to put the time in up front....People are enjoying SafeStart because they understand it: it makes sense to them, it's practical, and it’s straightforward.

Alastair McCubbin Head of Safety, Outokumpu Stainless

Behavioural safety is something that is really going to drive the agenda to a different place for our organisation so it is important for us.

Mark Wally McCormick & Company, UK
Alison Bowen

There's been a lot of ownership and staff have now learned that safety is their responsibility... it's been really powerful actually.

Alison Bowen Operations Management Team, McCormick & Company, UK
Austin Cleary

It was brilliant! It was really lighthearted and set the right level. The whole point of SafeStart is its simplicity: it applies to everyone, everywhere.

Austin Cleary HS&E Manager, Allergy Therapeutics
Gavin Hughes

It works hand-in-hand: you can integrate this into the management system that is already in place.

Gavin Hughes KMF Precision Sheet Metal