The Best Vs. The Worst by Mackenzie Wilson

The World’s Leading Safety Experts tackle the worst and most persistent safety problems.

Based on the SafeConnection Expert Panels. By Mackenzie Wilson.

The Best Vs. The Worst is an exciting new series of 12 articles in which global experts explore the answers to some of the most interesting, difficult and even controversial questions on workplace safety. It offers a concise but insightful summary picked from some of the best SafeConnection Expert Panels – a series of online discussions where leaders from the world’s top companies share their current safety strategies to deal with both continuing and emerging challenges in the safety industry.

Written by Mackenzie Wilson, the series has been prepared specifically for you to get the most out of these experts without having to go through 25+ hours of video material. It provides Health and Safety professionals a perspective based on reality Vs. theory from experts who have to live with their decisions on a daily basis.

Starting in May 2022, we will publish one new article per month. Stay tuned!

12+ Articles covering persistent safety challenges
25+ Hours of video material summarized
25+ International experts sharing their insights about safety

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Latest articles in the Series:

Topics covered in the series:

# Article Available on
1 The Search for Reliable Leading Indicators – Are There Really Any? May 18th
2 Recordables Vs. serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs): Why have only recordables come down? June 15th
3 Zero Harm: Is it a Mindset or Reality? July 15th
4 Felt Leadership: Are They Feeling it? August 15th
5 Balancing Just Culture and Accountability: How do you make it fair? September 16th
6 Excellent Safety = Excellent Business. Yes, but is it Cause or (just) Correlation? October 19th
7 Fatigue Risk Management. November 22nd
8 Production Vs. Safety: Ancient Myth or Current Reality? January 25th
9 Competence, complacency and fatal injuries – The counter-intuitive nature of serious incidents and fatalities. March 15th
10 Capturing Hearts and Minds: Strategies that worked in the field and in the boardroom. April 18th
11 Engaging the frontline supervisor: what works in reality? May 24th
12 Corralling the recalcitrant manager. June 21st

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