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Safety and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is more than a corporate buzz phrase: Instead, its impacts will be huge. But what will they look like in terms of safety? Will accidents be finally eliminated? Will we be immune to making errors? What’s the role of human factors in all that?

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Safety Culture and Organisational Change

Need to transform Organisational and Safety Culture where you are? Put aside culture and make change your explicit goal. We set out the elements of an effective plan for change and describe the pitfalls you can avoid along the way.

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The Human Factors

Companies can repeatedly display safety charts, write policies, and conduct seminars on risk, but come what may, will be unable to dictate a key contingency in safety at work: human behaviour. This piece digs in to human factors including particular features of the individual mindset, organisational elements and behavioural patterns.

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Complacency: the Silent Killer

To combat complacency, one has to take the active step of understanding a given task’s context in terms of risk and hazard. Complacency should never be disrespected, but certainly must not be capitulated to: one has to cultivate positive habits and skills, as well as educating one’s team in how complacency can undermine sound decision-making.

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Unlocking the Code to Human Error

The name of this essay was prompted by a remark made by the Director of Training and Development of a large construction firm in the course of a discussion with Larry Wilson, Chief Visionary Officer of SafeStart: “Larry,” he observed, “you have unlocked the code to human error”.

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