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Renowned for its successes in cutting accident rates, SafeStart International’s tried-and-tested programme has equipped millions of employees around the world with exactly what they needed to dramatically boost both safety and performance.

In a nutshell, the SafeStart programme enables people to develop advanced skills and techniques which reduce the likelihood of them making critical errors that could lead to injury. SafeStart transforms the safety culture of an organisation through greater awareness, ownership and engagement in safety by the individuals within that organisation, no matter what their role.

We are a training company that cares about organisational excellence and an educational leader that cares about 24/7 safety. Our goal is to help people understand that personal awareness is the key to workplace safety.

About SafeStart

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There are four states, which everyone encounters basically every day: rushing, frustration, fatigue and complacency. Furthermore, they cause four critical errors. (Image: © SafeStart)

Human failure remains the most frequent cause of accidents. This means that everyone is at risk, whatever the time or place. SafeStart therefore begins with the personal side of safety. At its core, SafeStart identifies four states:

  • Rushing
  • Frustration
  • Fatigue
  • Complacency.

These four states, familiar to us all, can cause four critical errors:

  • Eyes not on task
  • Mind not on task
  • Being in or moving into the line of fire
  • Somehow losing your balance, traction or grip.

Unfortunately, most people do not realise at the time that they are in one of these states.  However, the fact remains that we often are.  For instance, somebody running late for a meeting is more likely to break the speed limit.  Likewise, a frustrated individual can easily lose focus or digress mentally.  Fatigue too can easily lead one into dangerous situations.  And being complacent about a particular activity undertaken thousands of times increases the risk of, for example, falling or stumbling.

SafeStart teaches us how to recognise when we are in one or more of these states and how the state(s) can lead to or cause those four critical errors.

Putting this all together, simple, personal and practical techniques are taught that help to combat the state-to-error injury-causing pattern and so reduce the risk of making a critical error.

About our Results

In the past 20 years, over three million people – in more than 3,000 companies from over 60 countries – have been trained in SafeStart techniques.

As well as gaining a stronger awareness of safety issues, organisations that have gone through the SafeStart programme have reported better organisational performance and a renewed corporate culture which is both safer and less prone to mistakes.

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