Social Responsibility

SafeStart believes in serving the community. This is not just lip service: alongside hosting and participating in safety events and conferences all over the world, we work in tandem with non-profit organisations, support family days and teach participants in our courses how to show those around them how to stay safe.  Those efforts are rooted in our passionate belief in 24/7 safety for all: playing our part in the community is a matter of practising what we preach.

Our Passion for Safety – All Day, Every Day

Naturally, our goal is to help companies attain and maintain the safest working environment possible. But our vision goes far beyond the workplace to also spread these personal safety insights and techniques as widely as possible so that not a day goes by with an unnecessary accident.

Created in Canada, the SafeStart programme has now improved lives and processes in over 3,000 organisations across more than 60 countries.

Beyond work-related safety

The fundamentally common-sense nature of the concepts enshrined in SafeStart mean that we have the unique opportunity to offer universal safety skills.  People from all walks of life can benefit – and then go on to help others enjoy the same levels of enhanced safety. Below are some initiatives showing SafeStart’s corporate social responsibility in action.

Family Days

SafeStart partners with organisations around the globe to run Family Days that introduce key concepts and develop safety knowledge through fun and engaging activities.

Educating the Community in SafeStart

Young minds are the most open to new ways of doing things: safety training for this cohort can have a lifelong impact, leading us to jump on any opportunity that helps children stay safer in the classroom, school playground and beyond.

SafeStart often seeks out partnerships with educators to teach personal safety to schoolchildren. Child-friendly and entertaining videos ensure an effective engagement!

In addition, we frequently partner with non-profit organisations that specialise in children’s issues.

Working alongside our Clients

It is part of our company’s ethos to help companies bring community-based projects to fruition.

Our Work in Suriname

Our Surinamese project is particularly important to us, as the video below shows. This involved a partnership extending across several years with Kosmos Energy and the country’s educational authorities. We began with three days spent training teachers from technical schools, along with governmental staff, to ensure engagement and sustainability.  The SafeStart programme was then rolled out to thousands of technical school students.


Kosmos & SafeStart Promote Safety in Suriname

We are committed to pioneering and impactful projects such as this, particularly in developing countries.

Children the world over can live a better life thanks to SafeStart, and we plan to make sure that they share in this transformative opportunity.

Remember: the best place to start is in your own community and we are here to help!