24/7 Safety Including Family

Tragically, thousands of men, women and children lose their lives to accidental injury every year and many more suffer serious and life-changing injuries due to human error of one type or another. SafeStart has achieved global success because of its programmes to reduce workplace injuries, but it doesn’t stop there. SafeStart also motivates employees to take the safety lessons learned out to their homes and the wider community.

Safety Habits are for Everyone

Our experience shows that people become more engaged and results are greatly improved when companies encourage a 24/7 approach to safety and don’t just focus on the workplace. To help encourage this, each employee undertaking SafeStart will receive a “Taking SafeStart Home” kit to help them take safety back home to their families. This resource comes with a variety of materials to assist explanation and the passing on of good safety habits to the whole household. Common sense tells us that the earlier individuals begin the effort to improve a habit, the better the outcome: children potentially have the most to gain from this approach.

Bringing it back to the Workplace

Being able to educate loved ones in the skills of 24/7 safety means that employees naturally integrate and deepen their understanding of the SafeStart methodology that they have learned at work, keeping the ideas front and centre in their minds. This outcome is of obvious benefit to companies, while also sustaining and fortifying employee engagement in SafeStart.