David Gombeaud Saintonge

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Position at SafeStartBusiness Develoment Director South Europe
Location / CountryGaillard / France

Nobody takes care of your own safety better than you!


Leading the Mediterranean region

David Gombeaud Saintonge is responsible for SafeStart in the Mediterranean region, which includes the Maghreb and Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, French-speaking Belgium and the French- and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. As he speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian, he can combine the management of key accounts and local sales and delivery teams.

Safety and personal responsibility

David believes strongly that everyone is responsible for their own safety. However, he knows that we all have had accidents in our life (he had a few severe ones himself) and that none of them were intentional. In SafeStart, he has found a simple and practical tool that effectively helps him to be safer (and more efficient) anywhere and at any time.

Safety expert for more than one decade

David started his career in the automotive industry as a process engineer and then moved to international sales. Since 2006, he has worked in professional safety and in developing and implementing projects in many European organisations to support them in improving their safety performances.  Through this experience, he gained comprehensive workplace safety knowledge, which allows him to understand organisations’ needs and constraints. The main industries he has worked in are automotive, aeronautic, manufacturing, oil & gas, utilities, chemical, steel, tyres, packaging, paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, constructions, railways, among others. In his spare time, he enjoys hiking, skiing, fishing – or any activity that takes him close to nature.

Get safety culture to work

David combines industrial and services experiences to successfully run results-orientated safety culture projects in training, coaching and consultancy – either in classical workplace safety or in individual personal safety awareness approaches. He can interact efficiently with all levels and functions of an organisation.

Based on his experiences, for SafeStart, he mainly acts as

  • Account manager
  • Consultant and trainer for customer projects
  • Speaker at conferences and (internal) client safety events
  • Leader of SafeStart South Europe teams.